I was going to put the requisite, “Under Construction” in this space as I don’t have everything pulled together just yet. But instead of allowing those two words to site on the site until time immemorial, I pulled together a few nice quotes below. Stay tuned for more…I promise!

“Dear Sue…thank you so much for the amazing pot for Cashel!  It is such a special gift and will the highlight of of Cashel’s new nursery. Joe was even more giddy than I was when I brought your masterpiece home….We have no doubt that this particular  pot is very telling of what his personality will be…a fun & whimsical boy who will bring so much color to our lives…” Charla, April 2010.

“The pot is getting compliments left and right…wilder seems to like to look at the colors–Asa likes to pet the frog…” Annie, December 2009.

“It’s BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful pot. I will post pics when the lemon tree gets planted.” Beth, May 2009.

“Eyeballs is doing fantastic.  I have the pot inside, near a north window, so there’s sunlight but not direct/harsh. Amazingly my plant continues to bloom all winter. It loves the pot as much as I do!”  Karen, April, 2009

“Sue is a great creative director, a real partner in design. You can go to her with some vague idea and she helps bring it to life. She checks in every step of the way and if you are not TOTALLY happy she doesn’t want you to take the pot. It is a fail-safe process creating a one of a kind gift for any occasion. Weddings, house warmings, anniversaries, you name it. I highly recommend Sue and WildPots, it is a wonderful way to give a unique gift.” Mary S. September 2010
“Great job! Carolyn loves the pot. It was a nice surprise for her. I love the colors and the two love birds are beautiful.” Will J., January 2011