How Do I Get One?

Ah ha! You decided you can’t resist. Great!  Whether you want a wild pot for yourself or for a gift I’d love to get going on one for you. Let me know which pot(s) you like in the gallery and if the one you want is sold I will get going on making another one.  Each pot is named so just make a note of the name for me. Timing depends on whether I have that pot available and, if not, how long it will take to create a new one. Note: each pot is unique so the one you may get might look slightly different than the photo if I need to re-create one.  Please feel free to contact  me.

When I respond I will also give you a feel for pricing. Again, it varies greatly depending on the pot. Prices range from $50 on up, depending on the pot’s size and complexity.  Plus, unless we live close by, shipping charges.

Thank you for your interest!