First off, thanks for visiting my wildpots.com site. Hope you’re having as much fun checking out the pots as I’ve had making them. Actually, I don’t “make” the pots–I find old ones that people scrap and then I recycle them. By recycle I mean I clean them up and then paint, glitter, sculpt onto and whatever else I need to do to fill the inspiration that generally wakes me up about 5AM nearly every morning.

Second off, my friend and wonderful artist Trish told me to talk a little bit about myself since people are actually interested. Really? So okay, here’s a pic of me and I think it works for this site because my hair, like my pots, is kinda wild.

The truth of the matter is, a while ago all the plants I had put in pots on my porch were either dying or dead. And motivation to save or replace them had dwindled to an all time low. But then this thought popped into my brain:

If the pots look pretty, who really cares if the plants die?

In fact, do we really need the plants anyway?

Granted, this is not exactly a plant friendly beginning but I figured the About page should be *really* About how things started.

I hosted a Pot Party (painting, not smoking) and invited lots of friends. The day came and went. We all had fun. We each painted pots. And most went on with their lives.

Except me.

Little did I realize that I’d tapped into something inside me. I had spent my whole life in business and creatively my outlet had been writing. But in a short period of time all I wanted to do was learn how to paint cowprints and polka dots. And I just loved the idea of taking some old pots, the kind that people always thrash and then trash and transforming them into something special. And something wild.

And so Wildpots.com was born.

If you like what you see, if you like the idea of owning a piece of art that was once sitting in some person’s backyard or porch collecting dust (and dirt) just head to the How Do I Get One page!

Thanks again for stopping by!!